fine jewellery


Boutique PR agency Mercer Keeble has been appointed by contemporary fine jeweller Zaabel to oversee their press office in the UK.  In addition, Zaabel is also seeking new retailers in the UK and Mercer Keeble will handle any retail and buyer requests.

Based in the USA, Zaabel was founded by design aficionados Hina Israr and Sooryia Tharayil to reflect their creative life force and individual personalities.  Zaabel was conceived as an anti-thesis to traditional jewellery and their mission is to create contemporary, sophisticated jewellery that reflects the multifaceted woman of today.

Zaabel’s collections are inherently delicate, even where the designs are contemporary and more bohemian. Timeless, one-off designs are hand fabricated in gleaming 18kt gold, caressing exquisite gemstones. The brand aesthetics reveal a flair for traditional techniques infused with modern artistic insights. Every piece is unique and is an expression of the glory of exceptional craftsmanship from their master craftsmen who bring the founders’ imagination to life.

There is much more to Zaabel’s jewellery making than simple metal-smithing. Their artisans translate mesmerizing concepts into three-dimensional forms with unrivalled finesse bringing their vision to life with dedication and meticulous expertise. Zaabel jewellery making encompasses fine techniques such as enamelling, gemstone stone inlay, gemstone wrapping and different techniques in setting of gemstones.

Founders Hina and Sooryia add “As designers, the allure of our creations hinge on craftsmanship. While our designs are fuelled by inspirations and are given wings by imagination; craftsmanship expresses the glory of our creations. In fact, Design and Craftsmanship are like Yin and Yang. A delicate balance between the two is required to attain a Masterpiece.”

For more information or to view the full collections please visit the website