Be Mesmerised by Bijou Bijou’s Evil Eye Collection

Originally from the Middle East, but dating as far back to the Greek and Roman eras, the Evil Eye has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and illness. Today The Evil Eye is seen as much more than an ancient symbol, and is fast becoming this season’s hottest fashion statement.

There is nothing evil about Bijou Bijou’s stunning new collection of jewellery - combining this powerful symbol of protection with the most beautifully decorated pendants, tasseled and beaded bracelets and quartz-embellished earrings.  Bijou Bijou has given a stylish and modern twist to this trend that will certainly catch more than one eye.

Classic or contemporary, delicate or daring, the Evil Eye range offers exquisite jewellery that will suit all ages and styles.

Bijou Bijou’s handcrafted gold plated silver necklace with an Evil Eye charm pendant decorated with white, pink and green crystal bead makes an ultra stylish talisman and a stunning show off piece.

For something fun and funky that can be worn everyday, choose the green and blue evil eye charm with handcrafted pink cord bracelet and green and white tassels.

Or if you’re really daring, turn heads with the handcrafted gold plated silver ring with crystal evil eye charm. This ring is certainly the all seeing eye of fashion.

Tap into your own talisman and embrace the Evil Eye trend in your own unique way with Bijou Bijou.  Shop the full range online today at


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